Young Venture Group welcomes two new directors at Young Asset Partners


Young Venture Group is pleased to announce that Young Asset Partners, formerly known as Cool Capital Partners, has appointed two new directors: David Lukkien and Gerben van Leeuwen.

Gerben previously worked for one of the largest Dutch utility companies where he worked on sustainability projects in the wider Dutch real estate market. Before that he worked for one of the top financial institutions in The Netherlands, where he focussed on financial markets, bonds and the (private) placements of other debt instruments.

David has previous experience in the Dutch real estate finance market and financed many real estate investments and developments. Prior to that he worked for a Benelux private Equity firm where he has been involved in all stages of investing.

While the name indicates strong relationships with the Young Venture Group, the firm remains a standalone entity and will soon enter the market with new investment opportunities.

David Lukkien & Gerben van Leeuwen: We strongly believe our previous experience and network will be a great addition to the Young Asset Partners team. We are looking forward to working together and offering the next round of great real estate investment opportunities to our investors.

Wim: I am thrilled the team has taken this opportunity to rebrand the firm and subsequently amend and improve the investment proposition and name. We strongly underwrite the synergy within our group and are proud another venture has taken on the Young brand while they still remain a solid standalone investment proposition.

Firazia Sardar: I believe in the concept of real estate bonds that Young Asset Partners has to offer to its investor base and I am happy to welcome David and Gerben to the team. We will be further expanding the business in the forthcoming years.

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