Peace Home Busua 

An example that fits in with the projects we want to support is the Peace Home Busua project.

Asomdwee Fie – Peace Home is a non-profit project for youth with disabilities in Busua, Ghana. As an officially registered NGO in Ghana, it is the first institution in the entire Western Region that is especially committed to young people with a physical and/or mental disability. The aim of Peace Home is to create a day center where young people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to develop in their own way by offering appropriate therapies and activities involving family members and the community.

Shalu Wahlers, Sarah Pols and Holly Visser talk about the collaboration with Young Venture Group:

“We as a team at Peace Home are excited about the collaboration and support from Young Venture Group and look forward to the next steps we can take. Peace Home is still under construction and is therefore forced to reach out to organizations that offer a helping hand to humanitarian initiatives. Young Venture Group offers Peace Home the support it needs to grow further.
With the financial support of Young Venture Group, we have a great opportunity to purchase an adjacent plot of land where we can create an interactive place within our community. Furthermore, we could also grow more fruit and vegetables here in an interactive way with the children and community to become self-sufficient in the food we offer.”

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