Decisive professionals work at Young Venture Group. People who are motivated, eager to learn and with integrity. Who are knowledgeable and who want to go the extra mile. People who are committed, well driven and ambitious. We have built up our track record through the commitment, expertise and ‘out of the box’ thinkers within our organization.


Firazia Sardar

As managing director, Firazia is responsible for advising and guiding all ventures within YVG in accordance with YVG’s mission and vision, our portfolio strategy, acquisitions, corporate social and social responsibility.

Firazia has over 15 years of experience investing in and developing real estate in various asset classes ranging from residential real estate to healthcare real estate.
As a master of law, Firazia can always advise, operate and anticipate quickly within the group on legal matters. Constantly switching between projects, companies and processes is right up her alley.

In addition to her position at YVG, Firazia is writing her thesis on affordability of housing for middle-income households in the freehold sector and will complete her Master of Real Estate (MRE) studies in early 2023.



Wim de Jong

Wim de Jong (b. 1982) is founder and owner of Young Venture Group.

Wim is the dealmaker, the strategist and a seasoned entrepreneur. His quick and intuitive decision-making is his strength. He sees opportunities and potential and acts accordingly. In every problem he sees a challenge. For Wim, money is a means to play the game, to pass on. He is clever with it. Wim gets energy from new opportunities, pioneering entrepreneurship and taking well-considered risks. With his vast knowledge and entrepreneurial experience he is both financier and strategic advisor to the companies YVG builds with.

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Office and content manager

Rahayu Folkers

Rahayu is a talented office and content manager who excels in welcoming everyone that enters our Young office doors and ensures the smooth running of all services. In addition to her core responsibilities, she showcases her creativity in developing high-quality content for Young.

Before joining the company, Rahayu gained over 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including working for airlines and hotels in Indonesia. Her passion for social media has made her a valuable asset in her unique role at the company. To top it all off, Rahayu is renowned for her culinary skills, delighting the team with delicious and satisfying Indonesian lunches.


Umbrella Brand Manager

Lot Vermeulen

As the brand manager at Young Venture Group, Lot ensures we always stay true to our brand. Not only for YVG but she also plays a role in our subsidiary companies. Lot takes care of all the social media activities, our website and unleashes her creativity where ever it is needed. With the passion Lot has for all things ‘branding’ she got her work cut out for her.

After studying communications, Lot her career took off. Thanks to her previous experience in Social Media Management and as a freelance communications expert she provides Young with a young, fresh perspective. With a family full of entrepreneurs, she feels at home at Young.



In addition to our permanent team, we work with a extern team of partners. From lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, acquisition specialists to IT specialists.


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