Venture Capital

The Young Venture Group includes several, especially real estate oriented, companies that strengthen each other and can provide business. We are selective in the companies and entrepreneurs we work with. With us it’s all about energy & synergy. 

Our portfolio consists of the Real Estate, Hospitality, Media and Internet industries.

Our main focus is

  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Trade
  • Consumer Products
  • Clicks and bricks
  • Online marketplaces
  • Big Data
  • Media and Music


Nanne Veenstra aan het woord


With reBirth, we transform existing real estate and develop outdated sites to breathe new life into them.

As co-founder I experience a lot of trust and freedom of movement. If the stated ambitions lead to results, YVG is prepared to invest heavily in further growth. That way we can work towards our goal faster than if we had to finance this solely from our own resources.

I get a lot of energy from starting and building a company. What started as an initiative of YVG and me, within a year has led to a club of ten ambitious professionals who are working every day to create beautiful things. We started as a challenger in a heated real estate market, but through our focus, approach and acquisitions we have now established ourselves as a new developer in the region and beyond.

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