Stay @ 7

  • Program Redevelopment of vacant office complex into a 148-room hotel with hospitality and mixed functions
  • Measurement 6500m2
  • Website nvt
  • Delivery 2018

The development of the office building at Volmerlaan 7 was to commence upon the ratification of the principle agreement by the Municipality of Rijswijk. Young Group bought the former office building at Volmerlaan 7 in May 2017. The property, an office building some 6000 m2 in size, had been vacant for some time and is being converted into a hotel with an industrial and above all creative appearance, incorporating rugged spaces, hospitality facilities, flexible workplaces, yoga on the roof and similar things.

In this, we have been inspired by extraordinary projects both here and abroad. Berlin, London and the Scandinavian cities are forerunners in terms of fantastic, innovative concepts. There are no more monofunctional buildings; instead, mixed-use is the current keyword. A good example is Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel. It’s unique and entirely different to the existing concept of a hotel. You can work, study, stay, lounge, drink coffee, surf the internet and exercise there, all in one location. It’s something very special that comes at a fair price. And that’s what we’re aiming to achieve.


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