Young Venture Group (YVG) is an ambitious all-round investor with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. YVG participates in various, mainly real estate oriented, companies that strengthen each other. We invest in real estate, finance and advise companies and initiate businesses. A successful combination of business and investment. YVG operates from an innovative office space in the heart of The Hague. Here companies can establish themselves and receive optimum support in all areas.

We are always looking for companies and entrepreneurs with the right energy and synergy. We love new opportunities and groundbreaking business by connecting, creating and building.

What we do

We add value with our knowledge, experience and financial investments. And with our “out of the box” vision on propositions. Together we develop your go-to-market plan or your growth plan and we are there every step of the way as your strategic partner. We have a network, a proven track record and the funding to kickstart your business and take it to the next level. YVG likes to invest its knowledge and resources in companies with a product and a business model with potential and scalability. We create optimal opportunities for the right people!

“Daring to building, that’s what Young Venture Group stands for”.


Entrepreneurship goes a step further for us. We are all about the right energy and synergy. With our 20 years of experience on both the investment and entrepreneurial side, we are a strong strategic partner at every step. We look at the potential and the possible creative interpretation. Every project requires a different approach. We get wings from daring and original ideas. And we like to work with involved and strong entrepreneurs with an inspiring vision and ambitious drive.


We know what enterprising young people want and need. Working hard but also enjoying yourself is important to us. It’s all about balance. We know how to play the entrepreneurial game cleverly. A tactic in which we maintain the right energy and at the same time conduct successful business without running out of breath. YVG helps its people to be energetic entrepreneurs, so that they are and remain Young.


We are selective in choosing the companies and entrepreneurs we work with and the young talent we invest in. Together, we make well-considered choices and we constantly stay close to ourselves. Time is important to us. We know when it is necessary to take action. Our down to earth approach has been proven successful.

Investment Criteria

  • Primary focus on the Netherlands/Europe with headquarters in the Netherlands.
  • Committed and strong entrepreneurs with an inspiring vision and an ambitious drive.
  • A clear strategic & operational plan with actions and realistic but ambitious timelines.
  • We prefer a majority share.


With a passion for entrepreneurship, the ability to think out of the box and a proven track record, YVG is open to support other entrepreneurs and invest in innovative business plans where necessary. In order to work together, it is very important for us that the right synergy is there and that you have a promising business model or the capabilities and drive to start up a business concept we have devised. Of course, your personality fits our dynamic corporate culture.

Do you have a great business model, idea or plan and are looking for a funder and strategic think tank? Or are you that young driven entrepreneur who sees it as a crazy opportunity to set up a new business with the help of YVG? Then fill out the contact form below with your inspiring motivation.


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