Young Venture Group has an investment portfolio consisting of companies in different asset classes, almost all of which operate under the Young label. The portfolio has been carefully diversified. We serve different asset classes, have majority and minority investments in various companies and invest in real estate. Young Venture Group is able to realize challenging participations, reinvest profits and sales proceeds and support, develop and grow new and/or existing companies.

Young Venture Group works with a professional management that focuses on starting up, guiding, facilitating, financing and growing its business portfolio and real estate portfolio on a daily basis. Although we are business-oriented, our primary goal is to create long-term (social) value for our employees, customers and other stakeholders. The companies that are a part of the Young label are active in several sectors: real estate, media, hospitality, financial services and charities.

What we do

We always do business together. In all our companies we work together with one or more co-founders. We add value with our knowledge, experience and financial investments. And with our “out of the box” vision on new ventures. Together we develop a go-to-market plan or a growth plan and we are there every step of the way as a strategic partner. We have the network, proven track record and financing to kickstart a business and take it to the next level. Young Venture Group likes to invest its knowledge and resources in companies with a product and a business model with potential and scalability. We create optimal opportunities for the right people based on our overarching Young thoughts.

“Dare to do business together, that’s what Young Venture Group stands for”.


Entrepreneurship goes one step further with us. We are equipped with the right energy and synergy. With our 20 years of experience on both the investment and business side, we are a strong strategic partner every step of the way. We look at the potential and the possible creative interpretation. Every project requires a different approach. Daring and original ideas give us wings. We always work with strong teams that have an inspiring vision and ambitious drive.

Feel Young

We know what enterprising young people want and need. Hard work but also enjoying doing it is important to us. It’s about the balance. We know how to play the entrepreneurial game smartly. A tactic in which we maintain the right energy and at the same time do business successfully vigorously. Young Venture Group helps its people to do business energetically, so that they are and remain Young.


We are selective in choosing the companies and entrepreneurs we work with and in which talent we invest. Together we make well-considered choices. We always stay close to ourselves and our vision. Time is important to us. We know when it is necessary to act. Our down-to-earth approach has proven to be successful.

Investment criteria Young Companies

  • Proven markets and revenue models.
  • Scalable.
  • Primary focus on the Netherlands/Europe with head office in the Netherlands and the opportunity to work under the Young name.
  • Committed and strong entrepreneurs with an inspiring vision and an ambitious drive.
  • A clear strategic & operational plan.
  • We prefer a majority shareholding.

Young History

Let’s take it back to 1982, in the lovely city of The Hague. Wim de Jong, the founder of Young Venture Group and aspiring entrepreneur, was born.

From an early age Wim his desire to be an entrepreneur started to show. Taking his first steps towards this dream at the age of 12. Wim started his entrepreneurial career by selling coffee and cakes in the forest across from his family house. A few years later he started trading in used motorcycles from his parents’ backyard.

During his high school days, Wim organized several big high-school exam event that changed everything. With the events being sold-out, this was marked as the birth of his first real company during his high-school. Many successful high-school events followed. 

After seeing many different high-schools, Wim started studying in Rotterdam and and tried an education here and there, but studying continued to cost him a lot of negative energy

During his studies Wim founded the first and largest catering company in the country for and by students. Studentdiner was active in all major student cities.

When Wim realized he and the school system were not a great match, Wim was more than ready to fully commit to further develop his entrepreneurial skills. This time he was supported by several, larger main sponsors and he organized hundreds of youth events and camps.

Wim wanted to play it smart so he invested his savings in real-estate and soon bought his first houses to rent it out. 

After getting the hang of buying and renting out houses, Wim dared to venture. He developed many housing projects in and around The Hague. In a few years the projects varied from twenty to hundred homes per project. A turning point in his entrepreneurial journey. 

This all resulted in a broad-based real estate organization under the name Young Group. The company has been in the PropertyNL Top 50 Developers, four times in a row. 

One of the highlights of his real estate business was purchasing 20,000 m2 vacant office space near The Hague. Within a year everything was rented out and part was redeveloped into a student hotel.

In 2017, Young Group redeveloped a former office building of 6,000 m2 into a student hotel that is still owned by The Young Venture Group. But Wim lost entrepreneurship from the now growing company with 25 employees. He made the choice to change course overnight.

Wim decided to split his current company up into several separate organizations, each with a co-founder involved

We steadily work on creating new Young companies. Therefore we continue to look for talented people who want to use their knowledge and experience to further develop a company and themselves. 

The ambitions within Young Venture Group are higher than ever before. In order to provide all companies with the best employees, the holding company has plans to start a recruiting venture: Young Talents.

Young Venture Group is ready to grow: we’re growing in number of Young Companies and we expand in each one of them. What’s next? 


Are you the driven entrepreneur who wants to seize the opportunity of growing your business with the help of Young Venture Group? If so, please fill out the contact form below.

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