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A new use for Bankaplein 3

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oktober 11th, 2023

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A grand and historic building with a social purpose

Young Venture Group is proud to announce that Kindergarden, a leading national childcare organisation, has leased the stately Bankaplein 3 in The Hague through a long-term lease. The monumental building, built in 1882, has a rich history and has housed notable residents in the past, including prominent mayors and even a Nobel Prize winner. From January 2024, the building will be given a social purpose and serve as a high-quality childcare location.

National monument with ambition

The stately facades and historic charm of the Bankaplein 3 national monument in The Hague tell the stories it has collected over the years. This monumental building is ready for a new chapter. Thanks to Young Venture Group’s foresight, this iconic location will be Kindergarden’s new home.

Young Venture Group: passion for real estate and development

Young Venture Group is known for its eye for special properties with potential. Adding Bankaplein 3 to their property portfolio is recognition of their commitment to preserving historic value while contributing to sustainable development and social progress.



Image: Kindergarden


Kindergarden: where future generations flourish

As part of Bright Horizons and with a team of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals, Kindergarden is no stranger to the world of childcare. In 1998, Kindergarden started with one branch in Weesp and now has over 70 locations in the Netherlands. With their unique educational programme “Wereldwijs” and the commitment of professional pedagogical staff, Kindergarden is a loving, pleasant environment for children, and Bankaplein 3, with its history and stateliness, provides the perfect backdrop. “Bankaplein is a prime location for Kindergarden’s care, as it fits seamlessly with our vision and image”, says Kindergarden. The location replaces their old branch on Alexanderstraat in the Willemspark neighbourhood.

Building on sustainability together

Sustainability is central to this collaboration. Not only will the building be respectfully renovated with an eye for its historical value, but Kindergarden will also invest in applying the latest sustainable technologies to create an improved healthy and green environment for the children. The building will not only be pleasing to the eye, but also have a socially relevant function.

Looking ahead together

The cooperation between Young Venture Group and Kindergarden promises a bright future for Bankaplein 3 in The Hague and a fruitful collaboration between these parties. The historic building will be transformed into a loving place for child development, a place where children truly feel at home and parents leave their child with peace of mind. Our partnership will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the local community and future generations. After renovation, the doors will open in early 2024.

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