Together we grow your business

The Young Venture Group (TYVG) has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. We are selective in the companies and entrepreneurs we work with. It’s all about energy & synergy.

A partnership with TYVG means involving a strategic investor who can help you grow your business. We add value with our knowledge, experience and financial investments. Together we develop your go-to-market plan or your growth plan and we are there every step of the way as your strategic partner.

We have a network, a proven track record and the funding to kickstart your business and bring it to the next level. We are open to invest in companies with a product and a business model that has potential and scalability.

We also initiate ventures and seek a matching co-founder to bring ideas to life. This is what sets us apart from many other capital investors. At TYVG we believe in focus to be able to add value and give you the attention you deserve. Our main focus is real estate, hospitality and catering business, trading and consumer products.


TYVG was founded in 2010 by Wim de Jong (1982). From a young age, Wim had a strong interest in entrepreneurship. This started at the age of 12, selling cookies and drinks in the park, to running an event agency during his high school, to setting up a nationwide catering company for students during his studies.

Eventually, with his first savings, Wim decided to invest in real estate. Over time, his real estate activities became more professional. By “doing” and learning through practice from purchases, permit procedures, construction, laws, regulations and destination changes, Wim has built up extensive knowledge and experience in real estate. He started with small-scale office transformations which eventually grew in a professional and widely oriented real estate organization. Wim brings deal making, entrepreneurial and strategic skills to the table and of course operational knowledge to accelerate the business. He thrives when a problem needs solving and characteristic for Wim is his fast and intuitive decision making.

Wim and is a proud father of three and a dedicated husband.

Some highlights

TYVG bought the vacant office complex “Seven Cities” with a floor area of 13,000m2, fully rented it out in one year and sold it in 2020.

TYVG bought an empty office building of 6,000 m2 to re-develop it into a creative, trendy and young student hotel. TYVG opened the hotel independently with its own exploitation team and subsequently sold the entire exploitation company. Only the real estate is currently owned by TYVG as a final investment.

In 2019, TYVG professionalized its property management and rental department into an independent company, Parkstone Real Estate. TYVG is the major shareholder and advisor for the company.

In 2020 TYVG professionalized its development department into an independent real estate development company, Rebirth Development. TYVG is the major shareholder and advisor for the company.

In 2020 TYVG launched Cool Capital Partners, a Real Estate investment capital partner. TYVG is the major shareholder and advisor for the company.

The project Central Parkstraat is finished and rented out in the city centre of The Hague, consisting of 69 homes and two offices. TYVG owns the project as a final investment and Parkstone Real Estate operates the property management.

Investment criteria

– Primary focus on The Netherlands/ Europe with Headquarters in The Netherlands

– Committed and strong entrepreneurs with an inspiring vision and an ambitious drive

– A clear strategic & operational plan with actions and realistic, yet ambitious timelines

– We prefer a majority share






With a passion for entrepreneurship, the ability to think out of the box and a proven trackrecord, TYVG is open to supporting other entrepreneurs and where needed, invest. The most important factor for a collaboration is the right synergy, a promising businessmodel and it has to fit in with the group.

Please feel free to contact us  if you tick the boxes!

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